Mommy, Are You Going To Die?

This is breast cancer.

It’s real.
It’s raw.
It sucks.

Life. Fun shit. Death. That’s what it’s all about ‘eh?

We snuggle in his bed surrounding by Snoopy’s of all sizes, his body fits in mine perfectly as we lay there. Explaining to him yes, mommy is sick. But I will get better!

We are assembling my team of doctors and the madness that goes into removing invasive cancer. I tell him that I’ll be in hospital and I will be sad at times. I also tell him the best medicine he can give me is love and snuggles and not to be a little shit (in my best mommy voice.) To listen when I ask him to do something once and not 8000 times. Fuck, who of you have kids? How many times must you repeat yourself at times……hmmm. So, my sweet child, if you could try to be a really good boy and listen, that’ll be swell.

The sun is shining today. This is what matters right now.

peace & love

#badbood #fuckcancer

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