I’ve never been financially comfortable, fuck not many of us are. I have however been comfortable and content with the love from my husband and family. Netflix and chill ‘eh? Seriously, most nights we are happy, secure and confident in our love with the life we’ve built.

So when my breast surgeon mentions she’s going to perform my surgery as a charity ‘for lack of better word’, per her. I’m like fuck me man, this is not happening.

First of all, it had not even been a full 24 hours since I  officially learned I had breast cancer. Here she is jumping in like a Super-Goddamn-Doc and telling me she will removing my cancerous tit because she wants me to live.

Well fuck me and those stupid cancer tears.

I’m touched.

I’m in absofuckinlute awe that she’d extend her services to me in such a time like this. And to call in other favors so my recovery and care aren’t comprised. What a beautiful fucking woman. xx

And then the calls about foods, meals, gas cards, etc. etc…..Yes, guys I’m still a vegetarian and yes we cook two meals in our home. Sorry, but you folks that volunteered foods during recovery….I tried to warn ya. xx

Seriously, I can not extend my thanks to all you fuckers. I love everything word, thought that whole shebang…..well besides having cancer because that just sucks balls if you know what I mean.




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