Cinnamon Poptarts

All it took was having a doctor who knows a good radiology practice who knows a surgeon who knows a plastic surgeon…bam here I am speaking to Dr. Rhet High and we are speaking of my stage one cancer removal and success rate, then his part in the process of reconstructing my .—the odds are fucking great!

I sat there in my pink gown with guess what?  Fucking reading material, fucking reading material – here Mrs. Sparks undress from waist up, give the doctor time to examine your chart while you read this informative book……oh fuck me,the tears. Don’t get me wrong, the staff and everyone I saw today was nothing but courteous and sympathetic to my health issue~~these thoughts are my own, and fucked up as they may be they are mine I just happen to share here talking about my #badboob.

I’m so not a ‘woe is me girl’. I get it. Shit happens. Truth about life.

Today I received direction and education on my cancer. December 22nd is the date the cancer is scheduled to be eradicated from my body. I will then learn of the treatments to follow upon analyzing the tumors once those bitches are outta my body and off my immediate mind and bladefuckinblah….. that’s a lot.  (My husband is there at every visit possible visit. Such a goddamn kickass support he is.)

Glad to have an operation date set. Glad for family. Glad for life.

20 days…..

peace love and rootbeer floats





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