Filters, I Don’t Need No Stinking Filters

Unfiltered I am not. I offer no apologizes for what you may read.

My journey with cancer and all the bullshit that goes along with it. I realize my story differs from everyone else’s. How is that? Cancer, that fucker, presents itself differently with absofuckinlutely everyone~ Amazing!

I may share too much, quite possibly not at the most opportune times, but it is who I am. I am always saying shit, then thinking after the fact that may have not been the best course of action.

But cancer is a bitch. I want to talk. I want my Husband. My children. To know just how much I love them. I am treatable. I am not terminal. Still the mind has been blown.


Hey buddy, how was your day?


(you know…he knows eight gagilion-fuckingthings happened today that he’s not sure how to share with you)



Talk to your partner. Talk to your children. Tell them how you are, however insignificant your day was. Your world can change at any moment…

Again, logical me is cool. Emotional is meh….one step at a time

peace, love and root beer floats



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