It’s The End Of My Boobs As I Know Them

(And I feel fine)

Well not so much. Really. You know how that shit is. Right? How can you have cancer and not think about it? I mean I’m still doing normal shit, but yes this cancer has taken over the majority of my thoughts for the the past 27 days. Loading the fucking dish washer or washing machine. Playing outside. Laughing.

So get this….I received a Roomba 980 back in October. Instantly fell in love with this bitch….It works itself. Cleans like a motherfucker. No dog fur left behind & I can control it from my phone. Thanks again House Party!

House wise, recovery will be a breeze! Since receiving this, I’ve only had to sweep a few times….no shit!

Whilst I’m laying about, Rosie will be doing her thing every other night at 6:45 pm.

We know everyone deals with problems their own way. I get this. So many ailments that we learn to cope with daily.

No matter your struggle, we all fucking struggle. 

Those who know me, know a lot of great things have happened during my lifetime as well as many fucked up things no one should have to endure have occurred. So ya know what?

I haz the sads. I haz the angries, I haz the scareds. Flipside– I am hopeful, optimistic, ready to kick this shit to the fucking curb, I’m happy & love those nearest to me the fullest. As should you. Love your lovlies. Then kick that toxic shit out. Move on. Continue to grow.

This is a temporary bought of:
What in the fucking fuck is gong on here?

I’ll be free of cancer & bandaged in two days. Another mourning period. I am sure of this. It will take time for me to adjust to being cancer free and seeing my new silhouette….My husband…My sons….Life will go on goddammit….We will adjust. We’ll keep spirits high. 2016 is just around the corner….At the end of the night, it’s family that brings me back to my calm. That feeling of complete love and peace that assures me this will be behind us soon….xoxo






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