A Glimpse Into The Day Of A Virtual School Attendee

I wrote a letter to our local paper asking them to showcase my sweet baboo’s success in the virtual school environment.

Much to my delight, I received a reply and they wanted to run letter, in it’s entirety; typo’s and all. The NCVA hasn’t been a chunk of pie by any means, there’s been yelling – lots of yelling – tears – lots of tears – mine and his – but overall, my child is growing and flourishing on his level. Couldn’t be prouder and so grateful to have educational options for our children. 




Why Wasn’t I Informed Of This Crucial Information?

Why was this critical information needed to be as informed as possible never disclosed to me when I was diagnosed with Breast cancer?
I did not receive theFDA Breast Implant Complicatons patient packaging. Only the boujee #mentor registery laminate card? I’m in a lot of pain Breast Implants by Mentor – would love a call to inform and update you all on my post implantation life.

Where In The Lemony Fuckin Snicket Is…

My goddamned Apple Pencil? Fucks sake….Looking everywhere I can in my work/office/zone-out space…ah, that sneaky bastardized pencil was atop the iPad the entire time. Not even lying. <— drafted Sunday, 2/16/20 <— here I am again Monday, 2/18/20 and have misplaced that sneaky fucker again. Really contemplating purchasing an app I just googled. It supposedly finds your Bluetooth devices and shit….hmmm. Anyone have experience with this sort pencil/glasses/life loss?  Speaking of Lemony Snicet…have you seen/rewatched Series Of Unfortunate Events…ermagerd.

Have you noticed your brain/body slipping more post chemo or since you’ve been diagnosed and going crazy with stories from friends, new meds and all that fucking terminology that means your tits/tit’s are/is going to be chopped and thrown away?

Seriously, feeling all swooshy like I’m losing it some days. I spend time just spacing and zoning/trying to will that pain away -bitch. The weighted blanket is amazing for the hug relief I need to bring my arms close to my chest to pop all the bones/ligaments/tendons — AH. Where is everything? My mind? My glasses? My phone? Oh and seriously a Mr. Magoo when the glasses are off. FML even harder. And they – those fucksticks say a lot – but they say I’m not a candidate for contacts at this point because of the astigmatisms and bifocals….LASIK?

People who have a family history of peripheral neuropathy are more likely to develop the disorder. <— thanks for the sentences health md or some shit. But yeah, this shit is totally true. I recall watching my aunt suffer for years. Other family members as well. Ah the red tape of paperwork – isn’t it grand and shit, eh?

And to end this tonight —> I need help. Local help. Please and thank you. Several things, but first item is helping me upload and post clothes that I’ve worn and grown away from for what ever reason or another. I have tons of stuff. Going through chemotherapy your body is all sorts of fuckered up. Now, along with the multi skeletal pain, I’ve pretty severe fibromyalgia and don’t know what will really fit and feel proper through the day….Usually end up in my too big in the everything, comfy af pants. But…..I have the staging area, index cards for the text/dialogue and shit, just don’t have the motivation; or mental/pain threshold for this daunting activity. I know someone’s wiling to help. Perhaps your child needs volunteer hours? Or even an elderly loved one who’d like a new friend. I’m super chatting and will supply all the coffee needed for the job.

I’m posting these clothes [many designer pieces] for my #badboob explant and furthering my medical care and supervision. Also…..Also….I’ve quite a few wigs and the such for you all going through treatment [free] plus shipping.

They’re foreign in my body and way fucking me and my brain up. I saw your comments Peggy P,, about your cold friend. And while the implants look nice enough, I’m always fucking cold as well. What most folks don’t know once your nerves are cut, severed and reconstructed like mine and millions of others…is that once the implant is inserted and your incisions heal; the nerves never reconnect. So you have these ne’er to do 5lb memory gel implants hanging of your chest and they’re literally fucking ice packs. I’m layers. All the layers. All the time. Always cold.

Cold hands

Warm heart

So, local friends, if you’ve got some time or know someone with some time -> hmu -> text me -> 919-986-986-9986 -> or email -> badboobandshit@gmail.com. I’m absofuckinlutely serious about this task and would like to begin ASAP. I’ll make it worth the while and time. For sure and shit. Xx

Indulge Me, If You Will…

How do you manage your chronic pain?

Being a lifelong asthma haver [called chronic bronchitis as adult], I know how to try to manage my shit. And my story differs from the average Jane/Joe, which will be further elaborated upon in various chunketts of words I type out. And always with the typos, I am.

Having always felt like I’m in survival mode and a non traditionalist in this world, my self soothing ideas may not always work. I do all the yogas. All the stretches. Some relief. Laying flat helps, I can massage out my intestinal tract, which helps the air, which produces the burps. All the burps. Lol. Deep guttural burps. Though, I have been able to burp on command. A trick I learned while a kid doing nothing but running a small town street in Jersey…I digress

Yoga, stretching, walking, reading, living are all things I do in attempts to get relief as I wait patiently to get things squared away so I can get the bone and body scans my onco would like me to have the four year point; especially since I opted not to take the HRT…..breathe in, breathe out.

Lmk how you unwind your body, mind and soul.

Do You Buckle Your Knickerbockers Above Or Below The Knee….

You know it makes no matter whether above or below the knee….It’s nice to know there are options for us in life.

Options with the foods we eat, creams we use and even tp for our bungholes and most importantly the fuckers we bring into our lives. Most choose friends based on physical appearances. I know I’m not nor have ever been considered attractive in the traditional sense and that’s okay with me…really it is…cause I know my freak flag flies high and proud as it will for the eternity of my time here.

I’ve always been offbeat, non traditional, non conforming in life. Having to do shit my way. I don’t have time for rules, regulations and brown turkeys. Let the kids color those bitches any damned color they want. Who are you to dictate the color of their creations — really — think about it — when those judgy mcjudgertons try to impose their ways into your shit…..it’s ok if you shut them out and down. That sort of toxicity is evil. It’s detrimental to your wellbeing and peace of mind. Hug and embrace those who accept you.

Never be sorry for who you are. Live your best life, unabashedly.


Groovin With The Eternal Now

And while I don’t know who/if anyone will read these posts. Tried, hopefully with success, to link to the twitter and book of face…..There are so, so, so many souls I met online that have never left my stream of consciousness. You sweet, supportive fuckers with your prayers and fabulously delish juju have helped fuel my flame these past years. So you may ‘see’ me, but alas, I’m not really there. Hahah….I’ve never felt quite there. The brainholes that hold the important shit for life and I have never been formally introduced.

As always, this is my space for my words and shit. My life’s view, if you will. The words may not make sense to another, but they’re essential to my full healing. I’ve missed the connections. All of them. So many people out there with cancer. Had cancer. Have cancer. Know someone who has….blah fucking hell…may badgers eat all the carcinogenic bullshit on our planet

If you shall ‘see’ me online and are inclined to reach out with your infectious smile and warm hugs for a good friend not seen in over three years, don’t be hurt if I don’t reply. —- But……pleases of pleases stop by the wordpress link in which you glanced this shit and say Hi there…woot.woot. Or badboobandshit@gmail. Look forward to reconnecting with you all. ❤

love, light and guidance


Not New News, Nonetheless Exciting AF

It’s been a minute since I’ve been here. Hell, it’s been a minute since I’ve been anywhere trying to coping with debilitating pain.

Here’s a little linky and shit detaining Suzanne Somer’s bout with breast cancer and the unique way she tackled breast regrow this —- sans implants!! Hear that……I hate these bastards so much. And I know hate is such a strong word. I really dislike using it, but it’s totally justified in the case of these 5lb gel packs implanted in my chestal region.

Ooops, sidetracking I am. The aforementioned linky -> https://www.healthline.com/health-news/did-suzanne-somers-really-regrow-her-breast-with-stem-cells. Give it a glance and drop me your thoughts.