Do You Buckle Your Knickerbockers Above Or Below The Knee….

You know it makes no matter whether above or below the knee….It’s nice to know there are options for us in life.

Options with the foods we eat, creams we use and even tp for our bungholes and most importantly the fuckers we bring into our lives. Most choose friends based on physical appearances. I know I’m not nor have ever been considered attractive in the traditional sense and that’s okay with me…really it is…cause I know my freak flag flies high and proud as it will for the eternity of my time here.

I’ve always been offbeat, non traditional, non conforming in life. Having to do shit my way. I don’t have time for rules, regulations and brown turkeys. Let the kids color those bitches any damned color they want. Who are you to dictate the color of their creations — really — think about it — when those judgy mcjudgertons try to impose their ways into your shit…’s ok if you shut them out and down. That sort of toxicity is evil. It’s detrimental to your wellbeing and peace of mind. Hug and embrace those who accept you.

Never be sorry for who you are. Live your best life, unabashedly.

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