Groovin With The Eternal Now

And while I don’t know who/if anyone will read these posts. Tried, hopefully with success, to link to the twitter and book of face…..There are so, so, so many souls I met online that have never left my stream of consciousness. You sweet, supportive fuckers with your prayers and fabulously delish juju have helped fuel my flame these past years. So you may ‘see’ me, but alas, I’m not really there. Hahah….I’ve never felt quite there. The brainholes that hold the important shit for life and I have never been formally introduced.

As always, this is my space for my words and shit. My life’s view, if you will. The words may not make sense to another, but they’re essential to my full healing. I’ve missed the connections. All of them. So many people out there with cancer. Had cancer. Have cancer. Know someone who has….blah fucking hell…may badgers eat all the carcinogenic bullshit on our planet

If you shall ‘see’ me online and are inclined to reach out with your infectious smile and warm hugs for a good friend not seen in over three years, don’t be hurt if I don’t reply. —- But……pleases of pleases stop by the wordpress link in which you glanced this shit and say Hi there…woot.woot. Or badboobandshit@gmail. Look forward to reconnecting with you all. ❤

love, light and guidance


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