Indulge Me, If You Will…

How do you manage your chronic pain?

Being a lifelong asthma haver [called chronic bronchitis as adult], I know how to try to manage my shit. And my story differs from the average Jane/Joe, which will be further elaborated upon in various chunketts of words I type out. And always with the typos, I am.

Having always felt like I’m in survival mode and a non traditionalist in this world, my self soothing ideas may not always work. I do all the yogas. All the stretches. Some relief. Laying flat helps, I can massage out my intestinal tract, which helps the air, which produces the burps. All the burps. Lol. Deep guttural burps. Though, I have been able to burp on command. A trick I learned while a kid doing nothing but running a small town street in Jersey…I digress

Yoga, stretching, walking, reading, living are all things I do in attempts to get relief as I wait patiently to get things squared away so I can get the bone and body scans my onco would like me to have the four year point; especially since I opted not to take the HRT…..breathe in, breathe out.

Lmk how you unwind your body, mind and soul.

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