The Soothing AF Sound Of Kiki Drinking

I like sounds.

But am ok in silence as well.

Spending the first half of my life just trying to numb myself to all the bullshitery that I was wading through, I grew accustomed to having no thoughts. Legit – like no thoughts – at all. My brainholes are obliviously just carrying on all empty an shit, like it’s the norm. Like a simple.

I tend to find joy in most areas of my life, despite/in spite of my past. And our lil Kikaroo came to join our family when I was finished with treatment. We needed another cat. Always had fuzzy little asses sashaying up and down our hallways. Hell, my Mr. Mojo Risin’ lived to be 22!!

Listening to Kiki slurp ‘her’ water [YouTube link and shit], makes me happy af. I wanted to share that happy. She’s our school time kitty and was taking a much needed hydration break after attacking the strings and chasing the sun. All the strings. All the sunbeams.

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