Current Traumatic Stress Disorder

As mentioned before, I equate life to a dog shit covered floor and I’m trying to keep my boots as clean as possible. Cleaned dog shit off anything recently? It’s a nasty task.

You hear folks talking about PTSD, how many conversations touch on CTSD [current traumatic stress disorder]? I’ve hear zero IRL. Once on a show – You’re The Worst <— if you need something to watch during the quarantine, check it out. Best. Show. Ever. Seriously, think about it – we’re all currently experiencing stress. Albeit, some stressors are greater than others. But. We stress nonetheless.

Deep breathing. Exhale. Why do I always forget the exhale? Other after chemo livers with crazy ass bone pains? All the stretches. All the breathes. None of the exhales. Breathe bitch breathe.

So I had the flu in January – the 22nd – 26th – to be exact. Can’t recall if I’d already mentioned it to you guys or not. Did not get seen for it as I was able to manage it pretty well at home. Though, was going in for fluids had I still been sick that following Monday. Because of my past health issues, I received both the flu and pneumonia shot before the season began. And got sick af anyway….did I have an early undetected case what’s currently coursing through our entire worlds population? Having been watching and discussing the growth of this virus with my 23, we knew it was going to be big and we weren’t getting all the truth – we know not to freak out. We began preparing, as a family, before the ‘hype’ so to speak. Typing this, I am suffering a head old. First sign of fever, I’m getting checked. No joke. I know so many of my survivor sisters have weakened immunities such as mine; may you be safe.

Also, I’ve been working from home for almost 10 years, so my job won’t really be impacted. <- looking for the poz here. Plus, my 3rd grader has been enrolled in the Virtual Academy [not homeschool] since the start of this academic year, so his schooling will not be affected. No doubt, our lives will be impacted. But, we must remain calm in the home for 9’s sake. Right now, there are so many people with fears and emotions heightened, I offer my calm to you. I offer my love to you. I offer my compassion to you. I offer my ear to you. I offer my bony shoulder to you. We must remain kind to each other. We must reach out to our neighbors in need. Love, Light and Guidance – Tara

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