Can You Face Some Unpleasant Truths?

You’ve been duped. The fountain thing does not work

The tooth fairy – fake

Easter Bunny – imaginative fuckery

Santa – made the fuck up

That fucking sneaky ass leprechaun – all fictitious shit of someone’s goddamned brilliant/sadistic mind.

The bible – a gruesome bedtime story

Your brainholes have brainwashed. Don’t take offense, my have as well. Trying to reign that in and recognize areas in which are brains eye is trained to something other than what’s in direct line of vision.

How many commercial jingles can you sing, tv theme shows, movie quotes – yup all brainwashing. It’s not all necessarily bad, mind ya; just calling it what it is.

Puppies die.

Fish get flushed.

Children cry. Momma’s love. Daddy’s hug – Should be reality for ALL, it’s not

Children cry. Momma’s yell. Daddy’s hit – Sadly, this is more the norm

Children mustn’t live in fear. Children mustn’t live hungry. Children must laugh. Children must be seen and heard. Children must grow.

I’d know since I was a teen that I wanted to work with kids in some capacity when I got older. Never saw myself as a teacher. I’ve always been one to walk on the opposite side of the hall, NEVER in formation with other; nope. Was not an anyone other than an ugly and a poor in school. I always knew everyone should have someone, but since I din’t have anyone – graduating high school while living on my own and working two jobs, no parents. Orphaned at 17. Left to live on my own devices.

So, I knew everyone should have someone. And I knew I could be that someone to a future student. And that’s how I became the time out coordinator and shit at an elementary school. Those were the quote bad kids. Nope, those kids were just as good as any pretty. But unfortunately adults/teachers are just as bad at prejudicing against the uglies too. So sad. Think where I’d be today, had I been a pretty. But I digress and know I’m just in this blood and bones vessel temporarily.

So I get the ‘bad’ kids and we work on character education and shit. Playing games, talking about feelings. Good stuff. These kids were awesome. They just had a different learning style. These kids loved the fuck outta me too. I was firm, but supportive, offering that sideways hugs at every meeting. At the end of the week, providing they watched their P’s and goddamned Q’s; they visit my class — for their weekly reward!?!?!? How awesome, right?

As my older boys began their education, I became most vested in the children, especially the BED and EC’s. SO much fun. SO much learning ad potential. And then, I’d yell and scream at my own sons, before heading to school in the mornings to be mean Mrs. Blahblah. Talk about guilt. Hell, my oldest are 24 & 25 and the mom guilt still keeps me up at night – even tho both live on their own, etc, etc…Mom Guilt is real af and it should be recognized.

So, while you’re here, on earth, in your earth body, I ask that you be kind to each other. To be kind to yourselves. Be kind to your kid/kids. Be kind to your spouse.

Just fucking be kind fucksticks.

There may be an ever after, but we all know it’s rarely happy.

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