Really Could Use Some April The Pregnant Giraffe Action Right About Now.

Oh my how times were easier. A lot of my online friends were obsessed with this pregnant ass giraffe. Not me tho, ever going against the grain, I chose not to watch it. The intrigue. When will she have it..awe…go April. I know some who had the cam up the entire day at work and shit.

What I’d give to see something like that. This world. The sickness. The death. The killings. The Protests. The evil. All of it will come burning down, just as a it’s done in the past. Fuck us all.

So this week in life after cancer, I will be going for a consult at Unc Burn And Plastics on August 3, 2020. I’m beyond thrilled af about this meeting. Hopefully I will have a surgery date by the end of the month.

Ah, my explant/tram flap surgery. Yes, thank fuck. I can see it in my horizon brainholes and it looks to be a beautiful implant pain free life. I may get mobility of my right shoulder back as well.

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