At Least You Had The Good Kind Of Cancer…

The fuck you’d just say. Yes folks, we still have those that think that way and had the ovaries to say this ignorant shit to me. And these aren’t your granny or pop’s saying this; it’s young people. Who are ignorant. Who instead of reaching out, deflect their own inadequates upon you, placing blame on you cause you know you gave yourself cancer for attention,

Fuuuuuuuuck that noise. There is no good cancer out there. It’s all evil. Every last one of those goddamned cancers.

But I digress, the purpose of today’s ramblings is to update you guys with my hernia surgery and EXPLANT surgeries. Explant, the fuck you talking about Tara? Implant means you implant into the body. Explant means you explant from your body.

The date for this exciting process is 11/18!! Yahoo. A friend of mine started a meal train to help by out while I’m recovering in November and again in January for the DiepFlap surgery. Not at that we need it now per say, I just don’t want hubby to flip out taking care of me, missing work…etc….It’ll be a crazy dark winter here. If you’d like the link for the meal train, drop me a comment.

Saw my psychiatrist this week and he says he feels my manic depressive/bipolar tendencies are in check. Won’t even tell you how many meds we tried to get the perfect cocktail. Pulmonologist gave me the green light as well [life long asthmatic, chronic bronchitis, COPD. Lots of fun and appointments boys and girls. It’s kinda bringing back all the PTSD feeling of going through cancer five years ago.

I know I’ve made it through the worst and have the strength for the getting through the bet now. I just turned 47 on 10/10, life has to get better for all of us.